Pattern Testing

Pattern Testing for Talulah Crochet Top

What I need From You As a Pattern Tester

Pattern testing due: April 13th. I was able to finish this top in about 3 days.

When you are done with the pattern, I will need exact amounts of yarn you used for your project. You will need a scale to do this. (I use a kitchen scale). I will have instructions on how to do this if you test the pattern.

A final photo of the finished project modeled is a must. My main concern is how the overall fit looks on different sizes.

Progress photos are optional but is a good way for me to see how things are going and I will also share on my social media to promote your work.

Overall, please be committed to testing this pattern by April 13th. I would like to release this pattern a few days after. This will be posted as a free pattern on my blog, so don't sign up to test if you only want the pattern ahead of time/for free (it will be free anyway). I know things come up, but if there is a slight chance you won't be able to have it done by the date above, please just wait until the pattern is out to make yours.

Pattern Information

The Talulah top is very close/snug fitting at the bust, then flows out under the bust. When choosing what size you want to test, please be mindful of the bust sizes - measure if you need to! This isn't necessarily the same as your bra size. If you are in between bust sizes, I would go with the larger size.

Sizes needed for testing
Small: 32-34" bust
Medium: 36-38" bust
Large: 40-42" bust
XL: 44-46" bust

H/5.00 hook (depends on gauge)
I Love This Cotton! in two colors

For a large, I used exactly 2 skeins of pink and about 3 skeins of white. You will need more or less depending on what size you are testing.

As far as substitutions for yarn, I Love This Cotton! is 100% cotton medium 4 weight.  I highly recommend using a cotton blend and I don't suggest using Lily Sugar and Cream, as that yarn is slightly thicker than the I Love This Cotton! and may not be very comfortable/too heavy to wear.

Ready to sign up to test this pattern?

Please email me: with the following:

Your name, what size you would like to test, what colors you will use for your top, and a photo of one of your crochet works you are proud of.

I will email you back within 24 hours if you are chosen and we will go from there.

Thank you!!

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