Ocean Themed Granny Square Afghan Series Crochet Pattern

It seems like the warm weather is here to stay in Central PA, and I couldn't be happier! Not having to worry about getting dressed for cold weather is a life saver, especially when you're a mom and you can never find that darn glove that mysteriously vanished within 5 minutes of it's last sighting.

Warm weather means I don't have to add 10-15 minutes to get ready and out the door - well, I probably should just in case shirts go missing and shoes go flying. Is it just mine, or does everyone's kids LOVE to be counter productive?

It also means we will be spending lots of time outdoors! Outdoor crocheting = 'the bees knees'. However, lugging around a large WIP is anything but enjoyable especially in warmer weather. So what better project to have than a granny square project! And the theme I got planned? PERFECT for Summer.

Theme: Ocean. More specifically, ocean/sea creatures. I enjoyed making my Woodland Afghan Series so much and I got so much good feedback, that I knew I had to continue with more different themed blankets! This time around, I will be making a smaller blanket for my son. He loves animals, so I know he will be thrilled when it's finished. :)

Like the Woodland Afghan, I will be creating Ocean themed appliques to sew onto the granny squares. In this afghan, the appliques will be sewn onto the white squares. This will be the post where you can find how to create the squares and the running list of squares designed. 

The afghan layout I plan to create will be 5 squares of Colonial Blue, 5 Squares of Sky Blue, 5 Squares of Aquamarine, and 15 squares of White and I will be placing them like shown in the pattern above. Each square is roughly 6 inches x 6 inches. With this layout, the afghan will turn out to be about 30 inches by 36 inches without a border.

To make this afghan with these dimensions, you will need 1 skein Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice each of: Colonial Blue, Sky Blue, and Aquamarine and 3 Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice skeins of White. These materials are for the squares only.

Solid Granny Square Pattern

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice worsted weight yarn
J hook
Tapestry needle & Scissors for finishing off

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*If you're an avid crocheter like me, you'll love these Clover Amour hooks! You can get a whole set of 10 for about $30! That's a big score! One of these hooks are around $10, so getting 10 for $30 is a pretty fantastic deal. For this afghan, we will mostly be working with a J hook and G hook (for critter appliques).
NOTE: The pricing of these hooks may have changed since posting this.

Pattern Notes:

- Chain 3 counts as a DC
- Square measures 6x6inches.
- I tend to crochet loosely, you may need to go up a hook size or two to achieve the same measurements.


Round 1: Magic Ring, Chain 3, DC into ring, Chain 2, *2DC into ring, Chain 2, repeat from * 2 more times, join to Chain 3

Round 2: Chain 3, *DC across, [2DC, Chain 2, 2DC] all in chain 2 space, repeat from * 3 more times, join to chain 3

Round 3-5: Chain 3, *DC across, [2DC, Chain 2, DC] all in chain 2 space, repeat from * 3 more times, DC into remaining stitches to complete the round , join to chain 3

Photo shows how many DC across should be in each row for one side of the square.

You can purchase the entire PDF file that includes all 15 designs, granny square pattern, layout - all you need to make this afghan all in one place! Click here to purchase.

Creature Appliques










Puffer Fish

Tropical Fish




To finish up this afghan, I used an invisible seam method to join the squares. Use what ever method you prefer and/or are comfortable with!

Border consists of SC across one time in white with 3 SC in each corner.

**This blanket is complete! Click here to see all the pictures of the finished project**

You can purchase the entire PDF file that includes all 15 designs, granny square pattern, layout - all you need to make this afghan all in one place! Click here to purchase.