Crochet Flower Coaster Pattern

How pretty are these?!  Before I get into this post, I want to admit this is not my original idea/design. It's my moms.  She made up a few of these in a variegated cotton I got for her for mother's day.  Hers were free-handed and she didn't remember everything she did since she made them a few days back, but I got the gist and started up my own.

You will see in the pattern I am using a "Modified Popcorn Stitch" and describe how to do it. The way I do the popcorn stitch is different than the way my mom does it. I'm not sure if this is made up or if there is an actual name for this stitch. Anyone know?

I made them with two colors each to look like flowers.  I couldn't make up my mind on whether to have a large center or a small center, so I went ahead and did both! I also went to Instagram for opinions and I got a lot of likes for the large center, but I also got a lot of likes for both! If you're not yet following me on Instagram - you can find me here.

 I alternated the colors and centers in a certain way for each coaster so they all look unique.  They don't exactly match, but I think they could still be considered a set of coasters that are suppose to go together.

Use as many color combinations as you'd like! I contemplated making a yellow with a brown center to make it look like a sunflower but I didn't have any brown in my stash, and I was already on a roll with the set.

Thank you to my mom for sharing with me her design and allowing me to make it into a written pattern. (I told her I'd give her compensation for the patterns I sell, but of course she would never let me do that.)

Worsted weight cotton yarn
-I used I Love This Cotton! from Hobby Lobby
G hook
Tapestry needle and scissors for fastening off

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Pattern notes

This coaster measures about 4 inches in diameter. I tend to crochet fairly loose, you may need to go up a hook size.

Modified Popcorn stitch (I will just be refering to this as just 'popcorn stitch' in the pattern):
*YO, insert in stitch pull up a loop, YO pull through two loops, repeat from * 3 more times all in the same stitch, YO pull through all 5 loops on hook.

I have included some pictures to help with the written pattern.


Round 1: Magic circle, Chain 1, 8HDC in circle, join to first HDC - change color here for small center

Row 2: Chain 3, *Popcorn stitch, Chain 2, repeat from *  in each stitch around, join to beginning Chain 3 - change color here for large center

Row 3: Chain 3, Popcorn stitch into Chain 3 space where you joined in the previous round, Chain 2, *slip stitch into next Chain 2 space from previous row, Chain 3, popcorn stitch into same Chain 2 space, Chain 2, repeat from * all the way around, join to top of the beginning Chain 3

Round 4: Slip stitch into Chain 3 space that you just joined to. Chain up 3, popcorn stitch, chain 2,
*slip stitch into next chain 2 space from previous row, Chain up 3, popcorn stitch, chain 2
slip stitch into next chain 3 space from previous row, Chain up 3, popcorn stitch, chain 2
repeat from * all the way around, join to base of Chain 3

Round 3, you will be slip stitching, Chaining 3, and making 
popcorn stitches into each chain 2 space around

For the last round, you will be slip stitching, Chaining 3, and making popcorn stitches into every chain 3 space as well as every chain 2 space. Essentially you are making two ‘petals’ on each side of one ‘petal’ from the previous round.

The arrow points to where you will be slip stitching into when finishing off the coaster. It’s the space directly underneath the Chain 3 from the beginning of that row.

This pattern is only 4 rounds! Once you get the first one finished, the others whip up fairly quickly.

I hope you share your work with me! You can tag me on Instagram or post on my Facebook page to share :)