Crochet Sea Turtle Applique and Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern - Ocean Themed Blanket


Last week, my son and I watched Finding Nemo and since then I knew my next square had to be a turtle! One of my favorite scenes in the movie is with Crush and Squirt. Sea turtles are pretty darn cool. Did you know they live to around 80 years old, some kinds can grow over 6 feet, AND they can swim for 2 hours without breathing? I only know this because Google told me and my son loves to ask Siri questions. :D

So that night, I whipped this guy up and I was pretty happy with how he  turned out. I hope the rest of my squares can be designed as quickly as this guy! 

For the granny square pattern and all the information about the Ocean Themed Afghan - click here

G hook
E hook
Worsted weight yarn in dark green and light green
-I used Loops&Threads Impeccable in Dark Forest and Fern
Tapestry needle and scissors to fasten off

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Notes: I have included pictures underneath the pattern for the shell.
Triple SC decrease: Insert into first stitch, pull up a loop, insert into second stitch, pull up a loop, insert into third stitch, pull up a loop, YO pull through all loops on hook.



Starting with the light green color:
Round 1: Magic Ring, Chain 1, 10 SC into ring, join - change to dark green
Round 2: Chain 3, *3DC all in one space, Chain 2, skip stitch, repeat from * around, join to beginning chain 3. Fasten off
Round 3: Attach light green color to any chain 2 space from previous round. Chain 1 to secure, 3DC into skipped stitch in Round 1, *SC until you get to another chain 2 space, slip stitch into chain 2 space, 3DC into skipped stitch in Round 1, repeat from * all the way around, join to first DC of round
Round 4: Change to dark green - Chain 1, SC all the way around, join to first SC, do not fasten off

Change color to light green and use E hook
Row 1: Chain 1, SC in next 3 stitches, turn 
Row 2: Chain 1, SC in next 3 stitches, turn
Row 3: Chain 1, 2SC, SC, 2SC, turn
Row 4: Chain 1, SC in next 5 stitches, turn
Row 5: Chain 1, decrease, SC, decrease, turn
Row 6: Chain 1, triple SC decrease, fasten off

Legs - G hook - light green 

Attach yarn 5 spaces to the right of the head.
Row 1: Chain 1, SC in next two spaces, turn
Row 2: Chain 1, decrease, fasten off

Repeat starting at the 12th space to the right of the head.

Repeat starting at the 4th space to the left of the head

Repeat starting at 11 spaces to the left of the head.

*There will be 3 spaces between the head and the front feet on each side.
*There will be 5 spaces between the front and back leg on each side.

Tail - G hook - light green

In between the bottom feet, attach yarn (there should be 3 spaces on either side of where you attach the yarn)

Chain 3, DC in same space, fasten off.

Photos for Shell:
This is what your shell will be looking like after Round 2.

You can attach the light green for Round 3 at any chain 2 space.

DC down into the first Round where the stitches were skipped

In Round 3 - when you SC until you get to another chain 2 space, you are working into the 3 DCs of Round 2.

After Round 3, your shell will look like this after joining to the first DC of the round.

After finishing the SCs around with the dark green, your shell will be complete.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and are excited for the next squares to come! 
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