Christmas Crochet Along Announcement

Who's interested in a crochet along for a Christmas Granny Square Afghan?!

 What will the project be?

The project will be a throw sized Christmas themed afghan. It will be similar to my past granny square projects (Ocean Afghan & Woodland Afghan). For this particular afghan, I will have 8 different Christmas themed designs that will be repeated throughout the afghan.

 This won't be a mystery CAL, you will know exactly what the project will look like before you get started. I am shooting for the middle of August to get this project finished so you can all see if you would like to participate in making this afghan.

Also, I will have the supplies/materials list available to you at this time as well so you have about 2 weeks to purchase/gather your supplies.

**UPDATE** I have finished the afghan and have the materials list here.
When you are ready to start the CAL - click here for the main page of the CAL

How big will the afghan be?

The finished size for this afghan is roughly 58" x 58"

 What is the time frame for this CAL?

September 3rd - November 4th. I will release one design every Sunday for 9 weeks along with the 'assignment' for the week. The last week will be bringing this afghan all together by joining and making a border. You will have this Christmas Afghan ready in time for Christmas :)

 Can beginners do this project?

Yes! I plan on having video tutorials along with each written pattern so this CAL can be for all skill levels!

 Is it free?

Yasss!! This CAL will be absolutely free on my blog. However, there will be a PDF available to purchase as most of my other patterns are. This PDF will be a downloadable/printable and ad-free for you to have on hand that will include the entire schedule of the CAL along with what needs to be done each week, all materials needed, all design patterns - basically everything you need to make this afghan whether you would like to participate in the CAL or go at your own pace.

The PDF would also be convenient to print out so you can crochet where you would like without needing access to internet and/or device.

But like I said.. Yes, absolutely free on my blog for anyone.

Can I get a reminder for this?

Yes! You can sign up for my mailing list on the side bar or you can join my Facebook group that I've created to bring yarn crafters together! I hope this Facebook group will allow everyone participating in the CAL to share, ask questions, and to find support and encouragement throughout the project!
You find the group at this link:
or by searching "Maria's Blue Crayon Yarn Friends" on Facebook.

 Have any other questions? Feel free to comment below!

I have been posting on my Instagram about the CAL - if you'd like to see some snippets before it's completed and for other projects I am working on, you can follow me there!