WEEK 2 - Christmas Granny Afghan CAL - Snowman Applique Free Crochet Pattern

Welcome to Week 2 of the CAL!

I hope you're enjoying the crochet along so far! If you haven't hopped on over to the Facebook group - you can join here to share your progress and to ask questions!

I know a lot of you are new to appliques - don't be scared of them! Sewing them on isn't the most enjoyable either, but it will be a lot better if you don't wait until the end. ;) To help you out, here is a good YouTube tutorial on how to sew these little guys on:
Also, I've seen people in the group sew the appliques on with thread, which is genius! You can sew them on using a running stitch (just back and forth through the square) and you won't see where you sewed it!

This week we will be working up 8 granny squares and the Snowman Applique.
All the patterns and video tutorials that you will need are below.

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Week 2
Make 4 granny squares in Linen
Make 4 granny squares in Scarlet
Make 4 snowman appliques and sew them onto Linen squares
Weave in all ends!

Find the GRANNY SQUARE PATTERN HERE! I've updated it with extra photos to help with those stitch counts ;)

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in:
G hook
6mm safety eyes
Tapestry needle


Chain in the beginning of each round/row does not count as a stitch

You may substitute safety eyes by using black yarn to make french knots. You can find a good YouTube tutorial here on how to make french knots here:


Head - White

Round 1: Magic ring, Chain 2, 10HDC into ring, join to first HDC
Round 2: Chain 2, 2 HDC into each stitch around, join to first HDC
Round 3: Chain 2, *2HDC, HDC, repeat from * around, fasten off and leave tail for sewing onto granny square

Hat - Black

Row 1: Chain 16, HDC into 3rd chain from hook, HDC into remaining stitches, fasten off
Row 2: Attach black to 4th stitch from the right, Chain 2, HDC into same space and into the next 7 stitches, turn
Row 3: Chain 2, HDC across into 8 stitches, turn
Row 4-5: repeat Row 3
Fasten off and leave tail for sewing onto granny square
Sew hat onto head


Attach safety eyes or create a french knot with black yarn and a tapestry needle.


Using terra cotta and tapestry needle, sew on nose by first making the triangle outline, then filling it in using back stitches


Using black yarn and tapestry needle, sew on mouth using a back stitch along the curve between the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the head.
*back stitch: insert needle and yarn from the back to the front, send the needle back down one space over, bring needle back up to the front one space over, insert your needle back down to the left next to previous stitch

Video tutorial

You may need to disable your ad-blocker if you are not able to access the video tutorial below. Or you may view the video here on YouTube.

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