Crochet Candy Cane Stripe Border - Crochet Photo & Video Tutorial

The Candy Cane Stripe Border is a fun festive border for your crochet projects! The first thing that comes into my mind is that this would make a fun border for a Holiday themed project, but you can change up the colors and use it for any project.

Below I will have some photos to guide you through the striped border. There is also a video tutorial at the end of the post.


For the striped border, do not crochet the chains too loosely. If you tend to crochet very loose, you may want to drop a hook size.

The striped border will involve going back and forth between the white and cranberry yarn, because of this the yarn may get very tangled. Make sure to untangle every so often.

When making single crochets, make sure the color you are working with goes in front of the other colored chain.

For the striped border you will need two different colors. In the photo tutorial I am using white and cranberry worsted weight yarns with an I hook.

Before you begin the striping border, it may be favorable to single crochet all around your project beforehand.

Step 1: Starting anywhere along the border, attach white yarn and chain up 4. (Photo 1)

Step 2: Attach cranberry color yarn in the next space and chain up 4. (Photo 2)

Step 3: Go back to the white yarn and single crochet into the next space after the cranberry, chain up 4. (Photo 3)

Step 4: Go back to the cranberry yarn, single crochet into the next space after the white, chain up 4. (Photo 4)
Continue to repeat steps 3 and 4, do this all the way around the perimeter of the afghan.
*You will make 4 stitches in each corner (2 white and 2 cranberry)*

To finish - slip stitch the white yarn underneath the first chain 4 in white, fasten off. (Photo 5)

Slip stitch with the cranberry yarn underneatht the first chain 4 in cranberry, fasten off. Weave in ends. (Photo 6)