Snowman Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - Part 3

Part 3 

I hope you have enjoyed making the snowman thus far! This week will be easy peasy as we work on his accessories and arms.

If you haven't done Part 1 and Part 2 - you can find them along with all the information of the crochet along here.

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If you would like to work ahead or would like a printable PDF copy of the pattern, you can purchase it on Ravelry here.

Full Materials List

Worsted weight yarn in white (approx 215 yards) - I used 1 skein Loops&Threads Impeccable
Worsted weight yarn in red, green, orange, brown, and black (small amounts) for snowman accessories, face, and arms
G/4.00 mm hook
H/5.00 mm hook
1 pound poly-fil fiber stuffing
(2) 1" buttons and needle&thread to attach
(2) 12mm safety eyes
1 pipe cleaner cut in half
Tapestry needle
Stitch Marker (optional - can substitute by using a piece of yarn)
Pom pom maker (optional)

Gauge 2” x 2” in SC = 9st x 10 rows in SC

Pattern Notes

Snowman will be worked from the bottom up.

Rounds of the snowman will be worked in a continuous round.

Use stitch marker/piece of yarn to mark what round you are on.

Snowman will be stuffed as you work. (Pattern will tell you when to stuff.) Stuff as much as you can as the poly-fil will tend to settle.

Invisible sc decrease: work a regular sc decrease except work them in the front loops only, this will create a cleaner look.

MR = Magic ring, Ch = chain, SC = single crochet, DC = double crochet, st = stitch(es), invisible sc dec = invisible single crochet decrease, FPDC = front post double crochet, BPDC = back post double crochet


(continued from Part 2)

Hat - Using green yarn and H/5.00mm hook

Round 1: Ch 36, join to first ch to make a ring
Round 2: Ch 2, DC around, join to first DC
Round 3: Ch 2, *FPDC, BPDC, repeat from * around, join to first DC
Round 4-8: Ch 2, DC around, join to first DC
Fasten off. Using tapestry needle, weave in and out of top stitches and pull tight to close up the hole. Knot and weave in ends.

Make ~2” pom pom using a pom pom maker OR wrap white yarn around 3 fingers at least 100 times. Carefully take yarn off fingers and using a piece of yarn about 6”, tie the center so there are loops on both side. Once secured tightly, cut loops on both side. Trim and fluff pom pom as needed and attach to top of hat.

Scarf - Using red and green yarn and H/5.00mm hook

Ch 54, DC into 3rd chain from hook and across. Fasen off and weave in ends

Add fringe with green yarn to both ends of scarf. Tie around snowman’s neck.

Arms - Using brown yarn, G/4.00mm hook and pipe cleaner

Cut the pipe cleaner in half to make two arms.

Make a slip knot with the yarn and sc around the pipe cleaner leaving about 1” of the pipe cleaner “uncrocheted”.

Make two arms. Stick uncrocheted sides of pipe cleaner into the sides of the snowman and curl the ends to make little fists. Bend arms as desired.

I hope you enjoyed making this snowman! It was a very fun project for me - I love how much character he has :) Please share with me your creations either on my Facebook group or Instagram!