In Stitches - Best Free Crochet Patterns Link Up Party Week 5

If you like crochet and you like free then you are in the right place, my friend! The In Stitches Link Up Party is all about rounding up free crochet patterns! Every week!

There' some really cute crochet patterns this week by some of my favorite designers! Be sure to check out what else they have to offer on their blog!

  1.  Sverre the Lamb by Yarnhild
  2.  Unicorn Pillow Friend by Hooked on Homemade Happiness
  3.  Snowy Day Toque by Rich Texture Crochet
  4.  Flower Coaster by Raji's Craft Hobby
  5.  Snow Country Super Scarf by Kirsten Holloway Designs

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Every Monday, you will find a round up of the Top 5 Best Free Crochet Patterns! Plus, we (the hosts) will be sharing our own latest free crochet patterns on our blog. Throughout the week, links will be added so be sure to keep an eye on what others have to share as well!

If you are a crochet blogger that has free patterns to share, this is a great party for you to get your work out there! Simply follow the instructions below to 'link up' your free crochet patterns each week. If you are in the top 5 (most clicked patterns), your pattern will be shared and promoted by all of the crochet bloggers hosting this party! You can find more details below.

I am hosting this link up party right here on Maria's Blue Crayon, as well as on, Nicki's Handmade Crafts, Naztazia, Salty Pearl Crochet and The Unraveled Mitten. We are really excited to start this link up party and hope you join along!

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