How to Sew Appliques onto Crochet

I have sewn on quite a few crochet appliques onto other pieces of crochet (specifically granny squares), so I'm going to show you how I sew them on!

I know, it can be intimidating and you probably aren't the best sewer (I'm not either), but this video will show you how I sew on my appliques!

You can either leave a clean backing (you won't see where you sewed the applique on from the back) or you can do a very simple sewing stitch if you don't mind it showing on the back!

For my blankets, I like to keep the backs of the granny squares clean but if I'm sewing something onto a hat where the inside won't be seen, I will stick to the more simple method!

Now that you've learned how to sew on appliques, check out some of my fun granny square blankets that uses this technique so you can start practicing!

Woodland Granny Square Afghan (free pattern here)
Ocean Granny Square Afghan (free pattern here)

Christmas Granny Square Afghan (free pattern here)
Llama and Cactus Granny Square Afghan (free pattern here)

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  1. This is really cool! Thanks for sharing, Maria!