Best Free Crochet Patterns - In Stitches Link Up Party Week #27

This week's round up of free crochet patterns offers some great small projects that you can work on! There are even a few that would make great stash busters!

Keep scrolling for more after you have looked through these wonderful free crochet patterns!

1. Sea Turtle Amigurumi by Loops and Love Crochet
2. Home For Christmas Stocking by Rich Textures Crochet
3. Amigurumi Hippo by Grace and Yarn
4. Baby Feet Blanket by Raidy's Crochet Corner
5. Crown Ear Warmer by Crochet For You Blog

There are free crochet patterns being submitted by more talented crochet designers at the very bottom! Check out your favorites!

Find even more free crochet patterns in past week's link up parties here!

Every other Monday, you will find a round up of the Top 5 Best Free Crochet Patterns! Plus, we (the hosts) will be sharing our own latest free crochet patterns on our blog. Throughout the week, links will be added so be sure to keep an eye on what others have to share as well!

If you are a crochet blogger that has free patterns to share, this is a great party for you to get your work out there! Simply follow the instructions below to 'link up' your free crochet patterns each week. If you are in the top 5 (most clicked patterns), your pattern will be shared and promoted by all of the crochet bloggers hosting this party! You can find more details below.

I am hosting this link up party right here on Maria's Blue Crayon, as well as on, Nicki's Handmade Crafts, Crochet Kim, Salty Pearl Crochet and The Unraveled Mitten. We are really excited to start this link up party and hope you join along!

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