About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Maria.
I live in my hometown in Central PA with my wonderful boyfriend and son. I crochet, read, homeschool, and live a simple life one day at a time.

My son is the main reason I really got into crocheting as much as I did. Let's start from the beginning of how my love for crochet came about..

I have been crocheting since I was eight.  My mom showed me how to do a double crochet when I was interested in her crochet projects. She solely used thread at the time and if you crochet, you can imagine how difficult it was for an 8 year old to learn with thread and a tiny crochet hook, let alone a double crochet versus something more simple like a single crochet. (Years and years past, and I actually taught her how to single crochet.)

After I mastered the double crochet, she got me some regular weighted yarn and a hook so I was able to make a blanket. It turned out to be a large trapezoid and the yarn was a combination of red/green. It ultimately looked like a really sad ugly Christmas blanket. But I was eight, and I was dang proud of that!

I would pick up my mom's projects here and there to be able to get into the soothing rhythm of crochet, but I never started my own projects. Once I got older and remembered how relaxing crochet was to me, I would pick out a few colors in my mom's stash and just start crocheting - no project in mind.

I really started self-teaching new techniques and stitches through YouTube videos when I was in college and expecting my first child. I played around a lot with different yarns and patterns until I became really confident in my crochet. At the time, my thing was hats. I've made so many hats for my son, and ventured onto Etsy to start selling my work. I made pocket change and enough to supply my own yarn, but quickly realized I was selling myself short. If you're a maker and seller, more power to you! It's a tough gig to get your items out there and also to find people who appreciate your work for what it is. When orders piled up, I felt more like a machine and not my creative self. I wanted to be able to create and learn more!

So now I'm here -  I have created this blog in order to share my own crochet patterns as well as others that I have used to make some of my work. I hope you are able to find inspiration here to create and even design your own items.

Curious about the name? Check out my first blog post here explaining how I came up with Maria's Blue Crayon.