In this Meet the Maker series, I will be reaching out to talented makers to be interviewed so you can get a glimpse of the maker life. It's all about meeting wonderful people who sell their handmade items AKA makers!

I use to make and sell my finished items, and let me tell ya - it's hard work, guys! Making beautiful and carefully crafted items is one thing, but to find people who recognize what handmade is worth is another.

There are many aspects to being a maker and running a successful small business. These makers are hardworking, inspirational, and most importantly - love what they do! A lot of passion and dedication goes into handmade items, which makes each and every item unique and special.

If you have been on the fence or thinking about selling your handmade creations, this will be some good insight for you.  These makers will be answering questions about their small business as well as offer some advice to anyone thinking about starting a small business/selling their handmade goods.

If you are a maker yourself, I'm sure you will be able to relate to a lot of what these makers have to share! Being a maker can be a lonely gig if you're a one person show.  Reading about and connecting with other makers can make the maker life much more enjoyable. As makers, we can also learn from one another and lean on each other for encouragement and support!

Without further ado, click on the photos below to meet some wonderful makers!