Fox Granny Square - Woodland Afghan Series

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The most beloved fox is here!  I know the fox is a favorite among many, so I didn't want to disappoint! I tweaked this guy a couple of times to get him 'just right'.  If you follow me on instagram and watch my insta-stories (if not - you can follow me here!), you may have seen him pop up a few times with different faces along with my uncertainty about the design.  I felt all my other critter designs so far definitely have some character to them, and I just wasn't getting heart eyes from him. BUT adding some safety eyes and eyebrows made a big difference and had me sold!

I think he's super cute, and that subtle timid look on his face makes him oh so much more adorable. He's definitely a favorite so far in the woodland critter bunch I have designed! I hope this little guy lives up to your foxy standards too. :)

But really, guys.. What does the fox say? They definitely don't say ring-ding-ding or hatee-hatee-ho, but it does make for a catchy song and silly bedtime story. That's right - a bedtime story. I purchased the book at a discounted warehouse store, and it's been a favorite ever since. Of course, we don't read it.. we sing it! And the pictures are totally wild and fun to look at. I even found it on Amazon for you guys. Trust me, your kids, grandkids, or any kids you know will love it if you sing it as obnoxious as we do before bedtime!

Warning: This song WILL get imbedded into your brain, and you WILL catch yourself singing it randomly throughout the day. I can definitely see the song being annoying for just about anyone, but I've learned to embrace my silly and just go along with it for the sake of my son (and more importantly my sanity).


Never heard of the song? Hop onto Youtube, start jammin', let go, get silly, and pick up your crochet hook to start this square!

Worsted weight yarn:
Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Terracotta, Black, and White
G hook
Tapestry needle
Safety eyes (6mm)

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Using Terracota
Row 1: Magic ring, Chain 1, 10 SC, join (10)
Row 2: Chain 1, 2SC in each stitch around, join (20)
Row 3: Chain 1, *2SC, SC, repeat from *, join (30)
Row 4: Chain 2, 12 HDC, 6 DC, 12 HDC, join (30)
Fasten off, leave tail for sewing onto square.

Right Ear:
Count back 6 spaces to the right from where you fastened off.
Attach white yarn
Row 1: Chain 1, 4 SC, turn
Row 2: Chain 1, decrease, decrease, turn
Row 3: Chain 1, decrease, fasten off and weave in ends
Attach black yarn to where you attached the white yarn to start, SC around the ear. Fasten off, leave tail for sewing onto square.
Left Ear:
Repeat instructions for right ear, but start 4 spaces to the left of the right ear you just finished. There will be 3 spaces in between the ears.

Count 13 spaces from where you joined and fastened off the head.
Attach white yarn, 6 SC, fasten off and leave tail for sewing onto square.

Using black yarn, chain 4, join to first chain. Sew onto head.

Attach safety eyes and sew on eyebrows with black yarn and tapestry needle above the eyes. 

*You will not be able to remove the safety eyes once attached. I suggest putting the eyes on and sewing on the eyebrows to ensure proper placement before securing the backside of the safety eyes.*

Here you will find instructions for the granny square base, as well as the overall layout of the afghan that will tell you what colors and how many squares you will need. Also in the post is a running list of the other Woodland themed squares I have completed - take a gander and let me know what your favorite is so far! :D

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  1. I can't wait to get started on this! My niece just had a baby girl a week ago and the fox was the theme of her baby shower. We both crochet. I was looking for a regular sized afghan to make that my great-niece could keep forever. I showed my niece a few and we finally decided on one and the colors she wanted. About 10 minutes later I saw this and she was over the moon for it. So this will be her blanket from her great aunt that she can "keep forever" as her mom put it, lol! My mother who is 83 yrs young still has the very 1st afghan I made on my own back in 1981! Of all the ones I made over the years, hers is the only one that is still around! There is a PJ pillow that matches this out there also! Thanks for sharing this pattern!!

    1. Handmade blankets are always so special! You gave me so many warm fuzzies hearing about your mom still having your first ever handmade afghan! I'm so happy you are able to share something so special with your great-niece :)

  2. I don't know what the "magic ring" is, and overtime I click on it I only get advertisements - very frustrating -

    1. A "magic ring" is also known as a "magic circle" in crochet. If you aren't familiar, there are many YouTube tutorials that show you how! I apologize for the frustration of advertisements. To keep this a free website where I provide free crochet patterns, I compensate with third-party ads. If you would like, there is an ad-free printable available to purchase - linked at the very top of this post.