Tree Granny Square - Woodland Afghan Series

The second granny square to my Woodland Afghan is here - a cute little tree! I decided to incorporate the woodland environment along with the little critters. Before starting this afghan, I searched on Pinterest to see what was out there pertaining to woodland theme. (There's boat loads of woodland themed stuff out there, by the way!) I saw a lot of incorporation of the woodland environment such as pine cones, branches, mountains, etc. I knew I wanted to make that a part of this blanket too, so it will be loud and clear that this blanket says WOODLAND THEME!

I redid this tree a few times. Since it's such a simple design, I didn't want it to fall flat. I thought back to all the stitches I learned and remembered the loop stitch I learned while making cabbage patch doll hats. This was the perfect stitch to give this tree some texture and stand out!

Here's the simple pattern for the tree and if you missed the last granny square (A MOOSE!) - you can check it out here

worsted weight yarn:
[Loops & Threads Impeccable Forest Green & Chocolate Brown]
G hook
Tapestry needle

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Special Stitches
SC loop stitch
(I made my loops about 1/2 an inch)


With forest green
Row 1: Chain 13
Row 2: SC into second chain from hook and across (12)
Row 3: Chain 1, SC loop across (12)
Row 4: Chain 1, decrease, 8 SC, decrease (10)
Row 5: Chain 1, SC loop across (10)
Row 6: Chain 1, decrease, 6 SC, decrease (8)
Row 7: Chain 1, SC loop across (8)
Row 8: Chain 1, decrease, 4 SC, decrease (6)
Row 9: Chain 1, SC loop across (6)
Row 10: Chain 1, decrease, 2 SC, decrease (4)
Row 11: Chain 1, SC loop across (4)
Row 12: Chain 1, decrease, decrease (2)
Row 13: Chain 1, SC loop  across (2)
Row 14: Chain 1, decrease (1)
Row 15: Chain 1, SC loop across (1)
Fasten off and leave tail for sewing onto granny square

With chocolate brown:
Attach yarn into 6th stitch on the bottom of the tree
Row 1: SC in same space and next space
Row 2: Chain 1, SC, SC
Row 3: Chain 1, SC, SC

Fasten off and leave tail for sewing onto granny square

For directions on how to construct the granny square, the colors I will be using, and the running list of squares I have created for this afghan series - click here.

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You are welcome to share this pattern and to make this for sale, but please link back to me as the designer.  Do not in any way copy or alter any part of my patterns and publish them as your own. For copyright information, please visit the link at the top of my page "Copyright/Disclosure".


  1. Love this design,
    Simple and creative,
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I just had to say thank you so much for these adorables squares. I have a 6 year old grandson, who just adores animals. He will get such a kick out of these. I also have your aquatic one. So inspired. Again thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. I knkow one little boy who will be over the moon at Christmas.