Double Sided, Extra Thick Scrubby for Bath & Kitchen

I remember years ago, my mom and I stocked up on Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn at Michael's when they had it on sale. We got home and worked up our very first dish clothes. We compared our stitches, and hypothesized which ones we thought would work the best.  Primarily, we made them for the kitchen but they were so soft and durable, I started making them for my son for the bath. 

After using them, we both agreed they were better than any wash clothes especially since we could customize them however we liked! They're quick to whip up and wash well. I especially like to use them in the bath for my son because of how soft they are.

For Mother's Day I got her several skeins of cotton yarn including a new cotton yarn we've both talked about, but neither of us picked up a skein of it: Red Heart Scrubby Cotton. When I was over at her house the other day, she handed it to me and asked me to work up a double sided scrubby. She could have done it herself, but I know she wanted me to have the first try at using the new scrubby cotton yarn because using new yarn is exciting! Gotta love moms.

To make the double sided scrubby, I worked up a circle the size I thought would be good for scrubbing dishes by increasing after each round.  

Instead of fastening off to make the other side and sew it together, I worked single crochets in the back loops only and started to decrease in the next rounds to create the back.

After only three rows of decreasing, there wasn't anymore room for more rows. I fastened off and left a tail for sewing.

I took my tapestry needle and weaved in and out of the stitches from the last row, pulled tight and tied a knot.

This is what the back looks like. 

The first one I made was with the scrubby cotton yarn, but it's difficult to see the stitches when working with this yarn.  It wasn't necessarily difficult to use, but it definitely takes some getting use to when you can't really see where you're crocheting into exactly.  It helped to feel the stitches when crocheting, but I had no problem crocheting into stitches.  If you're confident in your crocheting, you'll be able to work with this yarn.

I made the scrubbies with the scrubby cotton for the kitchen and the regular cotton yarn for the bathroom. Honestly, I think they can be interchangeable of where they are used, but obviously keep track of which ones are used for the kitchen and which ones are used for the bath. The cotton scrubby looks rough but is surprisingly soft enough for your face, as long as you're gentle.

Yes, I'm going to share this easy pattern! It's only 8 rounds! I think they would make wonderful gifts and a great small item to add to your stock for craft shows! I was able to make 3 scrubbies from one skein of the Lily Sugar n' cream and 3 from the Red Heart Scrubby Cotton with yarn to spare. Each scrubby measures 5 inches in diameter.

H hook
Cotton yarn
[I used Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Pebble Beach Ombre & Red Heart Scrubby Cotton]
Tapestry Needle


Round 1: Magic ring, Chain 2, 12 DC into the ring, join
Round 2: Chain 2, 2 DC into each stitch around, join
Round 3: Chain 2, *DC, DC increase, repeat from * around, join
Round 4: Chain 2, *2DC, DC increase, repeat from * around, join
Round 5: Chain 1, SC evenly around in back loops only, join
Round 6: Chain 2, *2 DC, decrease, repeat from * around, join
Round 7: Chain 2, *DC, decrease, repeat from * around, join
Round 8: Chain 2, decrease all the way around, join
Fasten off and leave tail for sewing up hole.

That's it! Enjoy your scrubbies!


  1. Thank you for your detailed explanation, I learned the method, really admire you, great sharing! I will try this way! :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Happy Crocheting :)

  2. Okay, I'm confused. Are these supposed to be regular cotton on one side and scrubby on the other? Your pictures look like you're doing regular cotton on both sides and the instructions don't mention changing yarns. Or by double sided do you mean double thickness?

    1. Sorry for the confusion! By double sided, I meant double thickness. I used one type of yarn for each scrubby. You could experiment with using both yarns if you'd like!

    2. Thanks for letting me know! 😀

  3. Can this be adjusted some way to be able to add small bars of soap, the small pieces no one wants to finish up?

    1. That's a great idea! I think you can either do all the steps and leave the hole open without sewing, or you can fasten off after round 4 - make 2 circles and sew around the edges and leave an opening for the soap :)