Ocean Granny Square Afghan

I'm so incredibly thrilled to be sharing with you the completed Ocean Afghan! This has been a work of love since May and I enjoyed bringing this together right to the very end.

If you've been around, you know this is my second themed granny square afghan. My first themed afghan was the Woodland Afghan that I finished back in March. That one was much larger than this afghan.

As you can see with this blanket, it's much smaller and packed with a lot of color and character! Of  course, this project can be made as large as preferred with 15 different ocean creatures to play around with.

I used pretty blue tones for the solid granny squares in Lion Brand Vanna's Choice. The color did not disappoint - each color is rich and the texture of this yarn is soft and squishy! Perfect for this baby sized afghan.

I made simple white squares to allow each design to be showcased between the solid squares in a checkered pattern. Each design is unique and together it pulls the whole afghan together into a pretty and fun ocean theme.

To make this afghan yourself, you can click the link above to find the post on my blog that contains all the links to the individual designs as well as the pattern for the granny square and layout of this afghan.

I also have a PDF file for patterns and instructions of this whole afghan that you can purchase on Etsy or Ravelry. This file for purchase is for all 15 design patterns, granny square pattern, layout - everything you need to make this afghan all in one PDF file for your convenience that you can print or download to your computer/device! You can find the links above to purchase.


  1. This turned out so great! Beautiful work!

  2. Definitely planning to try this one ... it is absolutely beautiful.

  3. I adore this afghan! I have almost all the squares and all the appliqués. My only questions are do I sew on the appliqués before or after I join the blocked squares? And did you block the appliqués? I am making this for a close friend's baby shower this Saturday. Help???

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