Crochet Infinity Scarf using One Caron Sprinkle Cake

Who loves crochet infinity scarves? *raises hand* *waves it in the air* *points to herself*
Infinity scarves are so great to wear AND so easy to make! They take up less yarn than a traditional scarf and usually less time as well when using comfy, cozy, chunky yarn.

I've been loving on the new Caron cakes line and I made this quick infinity scarf with the new Caron Sprinkle Cake. I also made a traditional scarf with a Caron Tea Cake that you can find the free pattern for here.

The stitch I used for this infinity scarf is called a rope stitch that I found in my stitch dictionary (linked below under Amazon Picks). I recently bought this crochet book and I love it! I always shied away from crochet books because I thought - I know how to crochet, I don't need a book. Boy, was I wrong. This stitch dictionary is amazing for learning new stitches! And it's organized very well and even gives details about stitches. (Example, it will tell you what kind of yarn the stitch would work best in and if it 'drapes' well which is good to know when making garments)

The rope stitch that I chose was said to give excellent drape and that is one of the reasons I chose it on top of it being a bit more of an airy stitch - perfect for the changing of season. ;)