WEEK 5 - Christmas Granny Afghan CAL - Gingerbread Man Applique Free Crochet Pattern

Welcome to Week 5 of the CAL!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since we started this crochet along! I'm having so much fun watching everyone's progress and seeing everyone get so creative. You guys are so inspiring in the group, I absolutely love it and couldn't ask for a better group of crocheters! I can't wait to see what you come up with for this gingerbread man :)

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This week we will be working up 8 granny squares and the Gingerbread Man Applique.
All the patterns and video tutorials that you will need are below.

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Week 5
Make 4 granny squares in Linen
Make 4 granny squares in Cranberry
Make 4 gingerbread man appliques
Weave in all ends!


Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in:
Taupe, White, Black
G/4.00mm hook
E/3.50mm hook
6 mm safety eyes
15mm buttons (needle and thread to sew on buttons)
Tapestry needle & Scissors

Pattern Notes
Chain 1 in beginning of rows do not count as a stitch

After Row 3, I give you the option to fasten off/attach yarn or slip stitch to the place where we start making the body. I fastened off because once we finish the gingerbread man, we will SC around the perimeter of the body and I find it easier to do that into single crochets rather than the slip stitches.


Using taupe

Row 1: Chain 15, SC in second chain from hook and into remaining stitches across, turn
Row 2: Chain 1, SC across, turn
Row 3: repeat Row 2
*At this point, you can either fasten off or slip stitch into next 5 stitches*

Attach taupe 5 stitches in from the right (disregard if you are doing slip stitches instead)
Row 4: Chain 1, SC into next 6 stitches, turn
Row 5: Repeat Row 4
Row 6: Chain 1, 2SC, SC into next 4 stitches, 2SC, turn
Row 7: Chain 1, SC across, turn
Row 8-9: Repeat Row 7
Row 10: Chain 1, SC into next 4 stitches, turn
Row 11-13: Chain 1, SC across next 4 stitches, turn
Row 14: Chain 1, SC2tog, SC2tog
Fasten off

That completes one leg. To make next leg, attach taupe to Row 9 next to first leg
Follow Rows 10-14 above.
Turn the body so the feet are facing down and the arms are straight across.


Attach taupe to the 6th space in from the right
Row 1: Chain 1, SC into next 4 stitches, turn
Row 2: Chain 1, 2SC in each stitch across, turn
Row 3-4: Chain 1, SC across, turn
Row 5: Chain 1, SC2tog, SC into next 4 stitches, SC2tog, turn
Row 6: Chain 1, SC2tog, SC into next 2 stitches, SC2tog
Change to White and use E hook
Chain 1, SC around the perimeter of the gingerbread man.
Fasten off and leave tail for sewing

Attach safety eyes or create a french knot with black yarn and a tapestry needle.

Use black yarn and tapestry needle to sew on mouth.

Sew on buttons with needle and thread.

Video Tutorial

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