Granny Filet Square Afghan Crochet Pattern

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Isn't this just the most simple yet perfectly detailed blanket?! I love love love blankets made out of one large granny square, so I made one with a little twist.

For this afghan, I created a large solid granny square with rows of filet to keep it a bit breezy. I love the little detail of the little blocks. I think it makes it look very pretty and delicate.

When I first started this project, I made the little filet squares between only two solid rows but I found that too "hole-y" for my taste. However, that may be right up your alley if you're looking for a very light afghan!

Once you get going on this project, it's a very easy and mindless project that you can do while relaxing and/or watching one of your favorite shows. I worked on this project intermittently between other projects. It was very much my go to project when I wanted to do some mindless stitching.

The best thing about this afghan is that you can make it as large or as small as you'd like. The pattern is a five row repeat and once you get past the first few repeats, you won't need to look at the pattern anymore.

I found that using just two of the regular Caron cakes, it made a nice sized baby blanket. I had 3 Caron cakes in the Blueberry Kiwi  color that is now discontinued, so I used all 3 to make a good sized blanket for my 6 year old son.

When using Caron cakes, the color can change mid-round which may not be favorable but I was okay with that. If do not like your color running together mid-round, I have seen some projects where you cut and attach as needed to make your color changes a little more structured.

Fair warning here - you will have to block your finished project! The larger you make the square, the more it will tend to curl up on the edges and look a bit uneven.

I was told this is the nature of very large squares and although I tried changing up my stitch counts and used different yarns - the verdict was I had to block the project. So keep that in mind!

I know many are not able to use the Caron Cakes because of the wool content in it. However, the line of Caron cakes has expanded and they have included a "Caron Big Cakes".

The Caron Big Cakes are 100% acrylic and have around 600 yards of yarn in just one cake! To me, that sounds like the perfect yarn to make this project!

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Pattern notes:

Chain 3 in the beginning of the rounds count as a stitch, when making the next stitch be sure to crochet into the next space and not the same space as the Chain 3.

“Corner” is referring to the chain 2 spaces in each corner of the square.

You may use any type of yarn, just make sure to adjust hook size as needed.

You will need to block your project after completion.

Blanket shown was made with 3 Caron cakes and came out to be approximately 47” x 47” once blocked.
Stitch counts for sides:
*Count your stitches, it may be easy to miss stitches when making a solid granny square especially if you crochet tightly*

Row 1: 3 stitches per side
Row 2: 7 stitches per side
Row 3: 11 stitches per side
Every row after should have 4 stitches more than the last. Filet rows - count DC and chains

MR - magic ring
DC - double crochet
Ch - chain

Gauge: 4"x4" ~ 12st x 7rows in DC

Worsted weight yarn
H/5.0mm hook
Tapestry needle and scissors to fasten off


Round 1: MR, work the following in the ring: Ch3, 2DC, Ch 2, 3DC, Ch 2, 3DC, Ch 2, 3DC, Ch 2, join to beginning Ch 3

Round 2: Ch 3, *DC in each stitch across until you get to the corner, (2DC, Ch 2, 2DC) all in corner, repeat from * , join to beginning ch 3

Round 3-4: Repeat Round 2

Round 5: Chain 4, skip one stitch, DC, *Ch 1, skip one stitch, DC until you get to the corner, (Ch 1, DC, Ch 2, DC, Ch 1) all in corner.
Start next side by working DC into next stitch and then repeat from *
 until you get back to beginning of round, join to the 3rd space up from the beginning chain

Round 6: Ch 3, *DC in each chain space and DC across until you get to corner, (2DC, Ch 2, 2DC) all in corner, repeat from *
DC until you get back to beginning of round, join to 3rd space up from the beginning chain

Repeat Rounds 2-6 until desired size of blanket is acquired.

Here are a few photos to help you along with the filet rows.

In the filet rounds, begin by chaining up 4 and skip one space, DC into the next
You will always end with a DC before you get to a corner

Filet rounds are joined to the 3rd space up from the beginning chain