Spring Granny Afghan Crochet Along

In this post you will find the weekly instructions/layout for this Spring Afghan crochet along! Find all the information and materials list here.

Because the project consists of the same granny square, I will be releasing the layout in parts weekly! Each week we will be making 10 squares and joining them as you go (or which ever method of joining you prefer!) After 9 weeks, we will have an afghan for spring! (10 squares x 9 weeks = 90 squares!)

You can purchase the ad-free PDF version here.

PDF version includes the complete layout along with a blank layout if you choose to come up with your own layout. *It will not come with join as you go instructions - there will be a video for that!

Important Notes


There are five different colored flowers for this afghan, and I know not everyone will be using the same colors as I chose so I will be referring to these colors as color A, B, C, D, and E. Make note of what color you are using for each letter so you don't forget!

Following the layout I assigned my yarn colors as follows: A = sunshine, B = lavender, C = sage, D = lavender blue, E = soft pink. (This is just for reference if you want to go by exactly how I made my afghan).

If you are new to using the join as you go method, please watch the video on joining before you complete your squares if you've never used this method before! We will literally join as we go. After making one square, you will start joining the second square before completing (if that's confusing - you'll understand once you watch the instructions!)


Weave in as you go! (Cliche, I know.) Joining as you go method works smoothly and nicely when you don't have pesky ends to work around. Try to weave in after each join.

When weaving in the tail from the magic ring, make a knot (or two) around a stitch to make it secure. Magic rings are known for coming undone after much use/washing.

If you are using Caron Simply Soft, they have nice center pulls. You can keep the yarn labels on and mark your colors A, B, C, D, E. This will help you when referring to the layout.

If you have questions, consult the Maria's Yarn Friends Facebook group! We have lots of crocheters working on this project, so someone may be able to answer you quicker than I can :) You can also email me if you aren't on social media!

Find the Granny Square Pattern here

Find the Join as You Go Method here

Week 9 Layout 

This week we will be finishing off the last row of the blanket!

Please share on Facebook and Instagram, I would love to see your Spring Afghan!