Mint to Be Crochet Afghan Free Pattern

Over the last month, I've made the best easy crochet afghan with Lion Brand's Scarfie Yarn.  I'm so in love with this "Mint To Be" afghan - it's a perfect throw for my sofa and the colors are so pretty! The Scarfie yarn I chose to use was definitely 'mint to be' made into an afghan. ;)

Lion Brand was generous enough to send me Scarfie yarn to complete this crocheted afghan.  I chose the color way 'Mint Silver' because I couldn't pass up some color mixed with a pretty neutral! The color transitions are very smooth and the result is a pretty striped effect.

When designing this blanket, I knew I wanted to create something that was easy to make.  I also wanted to crochet something that I wouldn't get bored of in the middle of making. Making larger afghans can become tedious and get set to the side and forgotten about. (Or maybe that's just me!)

With the flawless color changes in the Scarfie yarn, it kept me motivated to keep crocheting to see the final outcome and color transitions! I stuck to basic stitches and chose to use the 'spider stitch'. To create a nice drape to the afghan, I used a larger than recommended hook size so it would be light and cozy.

I'm not sure if it was the Scarfie yarn, my Clover Amour hook, or a combination of both - but this afghan was heaven to make! The yarn was so soft and the Clover Amour hooks glide so effortlessly, it was such a joy to make! I think those were big factors as well in motivating me to finish this blanket without putting it aside.

Using small stitches can become time consuming, but with the larger weight of this yarn and a larger hook size, I was able to crochet about half a skein (sometimes more) each night until this blanket was complete. In total, it only took a little less than two weeks to complete this blanket - time well spent and half way through I got to use it while crocheting. :)

The result of the blanket is a breath of fresh air. The colors are so pretty and the stitch compliments the yarn so nicely. My favorite thing about it is how light and airy, snuggly, and warm it is! This was intended to be a throw for our sofa, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't take ownership of it myself. (As I'm typing, I have it wrapped around me with a cup of something hot close by!)

Save it to Ravelry for later!


Lion Brand Scarfie yarn in Mint Silver - 6 skeins
N/9.00mm hook (Clover Amour is my favorite)
Scissors and Tapestry needle

  • This afghan can be made larger or smaller by adding or reducing the beginning number of chains, just make sure you have an odd number.
  • Chain 2 in the beginning of each row will count as a stitch.
  • The spider stitch may be difficult when working into the chain 1 spaces (they are hard to see), to make it easier, just know that the chain two spaces are after every two stitches.
  • The last stitch in the row may become difficult to find. Check out my tip here on getting even rows without having to count your stitches.

Dimensions: 45" x 64"

Abbreviations (US terms)
Ch = chain, sc = single crochet, st = stitch(es)


Row 1: Chain 167, (sc, ch 1, sc) into the 2nd ch from the hook, *skip 1 st, (sc, ch 1, sc) in next st, repeat from * across, sc into last st, turn
Row 2: Ch 2, *(sc, ch 1, sc) into ch 1 space from previous row, repeat from * , sc into last st, turn
Repeat Row 2 until you afghan is 64" long or desired height.