Talulah Top - Free Crochet Lacey, Ruffle Tunic Pattern

Find the free crochet pattern for this lacy, ruffled top below! Made with cotton and perfect for spring and summer.

I'm so happy to share with you my first ever top I've designed! This pattern is actually fairly easy with just a few seams! It's mostly just rows with a handful of increases/decreases.

We seem to be having a very long winter and I have worked this up in March on one of our 'snow days'. I was willing the warm spring days to come soon!

I had an idea in mind that I wanted something with ruffles that would flatter my body, and it came out just like I imagined! (That doesn't happen too often on the first try.)

Being short and having more of a belly than I'd like, it's really hard for me to find clothing that flatters my body. Being able to make my own garments is truly incredible! I can customize it exactly how I like and be super proud of it!

From top to bottom, I love everything about this top. It's fitted at the top and flows out nicely with a lacy stitch that makes it so pretty and feminine. 

I also love the neckline on both sides of the top.  It's the same on both sides, which makes it easier to make as well!

Using I Love This Cotton!, it's nice and airy and has great stitch definition. This brand of yarn from Hobby Lobby also has a great variety of colors to choose from! I used a warm blush and paired it with white for a pretty, feminine feel. 

I hope you enjoy making this top! Please share with me on Social Media (Facebook or Instagram), I would love to see the colors you choose!

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I Love This Cotton! (~180 yards per skein)
I used two colors: warm blush(color A) and white(color B)
S/M/L: 2 skeins color A, 3 skeins color B
XL: 3 skeins color A, 3 skeins color B
2X/3X: 3 skeins Color A, 4 skeins color B
H/5.00mm hook
Tapestry needle


The top portion will be made by making two panels. We will start by working from the bottom up for the panels.

Chain in the beginning of each row/round will not count as a stitch unless stated.

I will refer to colors as Color A and Color B. Color A is the top portion (I used pink) and Color B is the bottom portion of the top (I used white).

Abbrevations (US terms)

Ch = chain, sc = single crochet, hdc = half double crochet, dc = double crochet, st = stich(es), sk = skip, sl st = slip stitch, dec = decrease

Gauge: 4” x 4” in half double crochet ~ 14 stitches x 12 rows


Small: 32-34" bust
Medium: 36-38" bust
Large: 40-42" bust
XL: 44-46" bust
2X: 48-50” bust
3X: 52-54” bust


Starting with Color A

Row 1: Ch 38 (48, 58, 68,78, 88), hdc across, turn (36, 46, 56, 66, 76, 86)
Row 2: Ch 2, hdc across, turn (36, 46, 56, 66, 76, 86)
Row 3: Ch 2, 2hdc, hdc until last st, 2hdc in last st, turn (38, 48, 58, 68,78, 88)
Row 4: Repeat Row 3 (40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90)
Row 5: Repeat Row 3 (42, 52, 62, 72, 82, 92)
Row 6: Repeat Row 3 (44, 54, 64, 74, 84, 94)
Repeat Row 2 until you have a total of 15 (18, 21, 24, 27, 30) rows

Do not fasten off, we will start working on the neckline.

Row 1: Ch 2, hdc in next 16 (21, 25, 31, 36, 41) st, dec, turn
Row 2: Ch 2, hdc across, turn
Row 3: Ch 2, hdc across until last 2 st, dec over last 2 st, turn
Repeat Row 2&3 3 times
Repeat Row 2 8 times
Fasten off

Flip over your piece, attach yarn to other side of the main portion of the top and repeat the neckline pattern.

Make two panels.

Assemble two panels together by putting them together and sewing up the top portions and the sides. For sizes Small & Medium sizes, leave about 7” opening, for sizes Large & XLarge leave about 8.5” opening, and for 2X & 3X leave about 10" opening.

Attach Color B yarn to bottom of the top portion you just sewed together. We will now be working in rounds.

Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as st), (dc, ch 1, 2dc) in same space as ch 3, *sk st, (2dc, ch 1, 2dc) all in next st, repeat from * around, join to beginning ch 3 and sl st 2 times to get to the ch 1 space from the previous round
Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as st), (dc, ch 1, 2dc) in same space as ch 3, *(2dc, ch 1, 2dc) all in next ch 1 space from previous row, repeat from * around, join to beginning ch 3, sl st 2 times to get to the ch 1 space from the previous round

Repeat Round 2 for 23(23, 27, 27, 31, 31) rounds

*Make the top as long/short as you'd like by adding/removing rows