Crochet Stitch Tutorial: Corner to Corner (C2C) with Half Double Crochets

I've been loving the Caron Cotton cakes that came back to Michael's Stores this spring and I'm especially loving the project I'm working on with it!

At first, I wanted to make a rug for one of the doors in my sunroom but I have so much more of this particular color called "Hydrangea" that I want to use them all up to make a small blanket!

I decided to use the C2C stitch, but instead of using the double crochets I used half double crochets. I think it gives it a beautiful texture and not as many holes/gaps as the double crochets would!

I've put together a quick tutorial on how to do the stitches. If you are well versed in the corner to corner stitch using double crochet, it's almost the same thing!

The only differences are you chain 5 for the beginning/increases and chain 2 before making the half double crochets into the spaces. Watch the video for the step by step!

I've included how to make a rectangle OR square with the corner to corner (C2C) stitch. Enjoy!


  1. Approximately how many Caron Cotton cakes would it take to make a C2C Half double crochet baby blanket?

  2. Which size cake? One size has approx. 245 yds and one has 383. Look at your pattern for the yardage required. Also varies in the weight of yarn. WW4 would take less than a sport weight. Hope this helps!

  3. I may just not be seeing it but I don't see the actual tutorial. I've clicked different spots and it just brings me to where you're speaking about it not the tutorial itself

    1. Hi rutho, I just found the tutorial video,