Halloween Crochet Blanket Joining and Border Tutorial

This last week of the CAL for the Halloween Blanket, we will be crocheting our squares together and adding the border! Pat yourself on making it this far, we are almost finished!

Joining Granny Squares

If you have never joined granny square before - don't worry! I have a video tutorial for you on how I join my granny squares. I actually crochet them together vs. using a needle and yarn to sew them together. I find it easier, but that is just my preference!

This is the same join I used for the Christmas Afghan.  For this Halloween blanket, I joined with the same gray color as the squares. See the photo below to see the order I put them in as a reference.

You can join your squares however you'd like, there are many many ways to join granny squares! If this join is not for you, do a quick search on YouTube and you will find other ways that you may like better. :)


The border is really easy to do. I made a simple border just to tie everything together.
Start by attaching gray yarn to a corner of your blanket after you have joined all the squares. Chain up 1 and make 5 half double crochets into the corner. Continue to half double crochet all the way around the blanket (1 half double crochet per stitch around). When you get to the corners make 5 half double crochets - this helps keep the blanket square. After you get all the way around, join to the first half double crochet.

Switch to green and repeat. Then switch to purple and repeat. And that's it!

Get creative with your borders! You can use as many colors as you'd like or switch it up with a different stitch! 

I can't wait to see all of your finished blankets! Please share with me on our Facebook group and/or Instagram.