15 Best Crochet Ideas - Free Patterns

Browsing the internet, there are so many good crochet ideas with free patterns! The crochet ideas I have rounded up are not crocheted items you see every day - but they are so useful and it makes you wonder "Why didn't I think about that?!"

Enjoy browsing through these crochet pattern ideas and click on the links/title of each one to get to the free crochet pattern!

Crochet Ideas with Free Patterns

This crochet idea is so pretty! And can go with any season! Just change up what is in your mason jar.

The Sun's Out! Dish Scrubbie Free Crochet Pattern
Crochet dish scrubbies are so useful and this one is so cute! This free crochet pattern is so useful because it has a small strap that goes over your hand so it doesn't get away from you while scrubbing the dishes!

Egg-cellent Apron Free Crochet Pattern
How amazing is this crochet
idea? Such a great way to gather your chicken eggs - if you have them!

Earbud Holder Free Crochet Pattern
Finally an idea for keeping your earbuds tangle free! *The unicorn version - you can find the pattern for here.

Crochet Dinosaur Pajama Eater Free Pattern
Now this is adorable! This would be so perfect for gifts too! Stuff some new PJ's in there and voila!

Fidget Sensory Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
This crochet idea for this sensory blanket was made for people with Alzheimer's in mind, but this would also be great for toddlers!

Crochet Cactus Coasters Free Pattern
How cute are these cactus coasters? And there is even a little pot as the holder!

Crochet Target Practice Free Pattern
This crochet idea looks fun! Make one for target practice or just for fun!

Crochet Pop Tart Case Free pattern
This crochet idea is just too cute! You can use them as a phone case, for your sunglasses, for small items in your purse or for your crafty notions!

Crochet Baggie Holder Free Pattern
Anyone else have way too many plastic bags from groceries? I do try to recycle a lot of them, but I still keep a bunch just incase!

Crochet Cord Bracelet Free Pattern and Tutorial
I never had the idea to make jewelry with crochet, but I love this dainty little bracelet! It even has a pull closure to make it adjustable.

Crochet Keychain Cozy Free Pattern
Ever loose the keys on the bottom of your bag or purse? This crochet idea may be the perfect solution!

Crochet Scrunchies - 3 Ways to Crochet Them Free Pattern
Love 'em or hate 'em - scrunchies are back in style! This post shows you three ways to make them. They work up quickly for gifts or craft shows!

Crochet Couch Caddy Free Pattern
This crochet idea will solve your lost remote problem! As long as you remember to put it back where it belongs! :)

Crochet Pull String Bow Free Crochet Pattern
This is an amazing idea! It's basically a long strip of single crochets and with minimal sewing, you can create a pull string bow for gifts or decorations! The free pattern also includes instructions on how to make it smaller.

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