Chunky Crochet Ear Warmer - Free Crochet Pattern

Get the free crochet pattern for these chunky crochet ear warmers by scrolling down!

Two things I love in a crochet project: simple and easy. These crochet ear warmers are just that!

Basic, simple ear warmers that will keep your ears warm and easy to crochet!

I love wearing ear warmers especially on windy days and when I'm out in the chilly weather taking my dogs for a walk. 

I love wearing crochet hats too, but I get so warm when out walking my dogs so having the ear warmer is just enough to keep me warm but not too warm!

I have a really basic ear warmer pattern that is very popular, but I needed something extra. For this ear warmer, I used a tighter stitch and a bulky yarn for extra warmth.

Because of the bulky yarn, these crochet ear warmers also work up quickly. I was able to crochet each ear warmer in just one sitting.

If you'd rather use up some of your worsted weighted yarn, you can do that too! The cream colored ear warmer is made with worsted weight yarn doubled up and it turned out perfectly.


For this crochet ear warmer, you can also add the cinch in the front or do without it. I like them both ways so I made the cinch and when I want to change up the look I just wear the cinch part on the back!

Thank you so much for your support! All the support for my crochet blog allows me to stay home with my son to homeschool him and it really means the world to me!

Free Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern

Bulky or Worsted Weight yarn (holding two strands together)
J/6.00mm hook
Tape Measure
Tapestry needle
Stitch markers (optional)


If using worsted weight yarn, hold two strands together while crocheting.

The ear warmer is made to fit snug so it doesn't slip down while being worn. It can be made to fit any size head by simply crocheting until your rows measure 3" less than the head circumference you are making it for.

At the end of each row, it may be difficult to see the chain 1 from the previous row to crochet into. Use stitch markers to mark each chain 1 in the beginning of the row to make it easier.

Dimensions of finished headband: 4” x 18”

Abbreviations (US terms):
Ch = chain, sc = single crochet, sk = skip, st = stitch(es), sp = space


Row 1: Ch 16, sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch 1, sk 1, sc in next st, repeat from *, turn
Row 2: *Ch 1, sc in next ch 1 sp from previous row, repeat from * across, ch 1, sc in ch 1 from previous row, turn
Repeat Row 2 until the rows measure 18"
Fasten off and leave tail for seaming.

With tapestry needle and yarn, whip stitch the first and last row together. Weave in ends. Turn inside out to hide seam.

Cinch (optional)

Place ear warmer with seam facing you in the middle. Insert tapestry needle with yarn through one stitch closest to you, one through the middle, and one through the stitch farthest from you.

Turn over and pull both yarn ends tightly, making sure front is cinched and knot. Weave in ends.